Mcdonalds Birthday Cake

McDonald’s offers birthday cakes that are not typically on their menu. These cakes, available in chocolate or vanilla flavors, come in a sheet cake form with vanilla frosting and an image of Ronald McDonald in the center.

Priced at $9, these cakes are a hidden gem at McDonald’s, but their availability varies by location, as it is up to local management to decide if they want to offer them.

If interested, you can inquire at your local McDonald’s to see if they have these special cakes.

Mcdonalds Birthday Cake

About Mcdonalds Birthday Cake

McDonald’s doesn’t offer a traditional birthday cake you might expect from a bakery. However, they do have a fun option called the Ronald Birthday Cake.

It’s a single-serve dessert ideal for a Happy Meal birthday celebration or a small birthday treat.

Here’s a breakdown of the McDonald’s Birthday Cake:

  • Type: It’s a pre-packaged, individual-sized vanilla cake with white frosting.
  • Decoration: The cake features a festive white chocolate coating with a colorful edible image featuring Ronald McDonald himself.
  • Taste: Reviews suggest it’s a standard, slightly sweet vanilla cake with a basic white frosting.
  • Availability: While not on the main menu everywhere, it’s usually available year-round in most McDonald’s locations. It’s a good idea to call ahead and check before heading out to get one.

Overall, the McDonald’s Birthday Cake is a fun and convenient option for a small birthday celebration, especially for a child who loves McDonald’s.

Ingredients In Mcdonalds Birthday Cake

McDonald’s doesn’t disclose the exact ingredients for every component of the Ronald Birthday Cake.

  • Frosting: Ingredients include sugar, corn starch, bleached wheat flour, inverted sugar, shortening (with various oils), liquid whole egg, water, soybean oil, and an edible image with tapioca starch, corn syrup solids, and other ingredients.
  • White Chocolate Coating: This includes sugar, water, glucose, and milk powder, along with emulsifiers and flavorings.

Calories In Mcdonalds Birthday Cake

cake might have around 270-300 calories per serving.

Mcdonalds Birthday Cake Reviews

McDonald’s Birthday Cake, also known as the Ronald Birthday Cake, gets mixed reviews.


  • Fun and Festive: Many reviewers find the cake to be a fun and festive option for a kid’s birthday party, especially for a McDonald-themed celebration.
  • Affordable: Compared to bakery cakes, the McDonald’s Birthday Cake is a budget-friendly option.
  • Sweet Frosting: The frosting is often described as very sweet and delicious, especially for those with a sweet tooth.


  • Cake Texture: A common critique is that the cake itself can be dry and dense, lacking the fluffiness you might expect from a fresh cake.
  • Limited Appeal: Some reviewers find the cake to be quite basic and not very exciting for adults.
  • Availability: As it’s not officially advertised, finding the cake can be tricky depending on your location.

Mcdonalds Birthday Cake Price

The McDonald’s Birthday Cake doesn’t have a widely advertised price since it’s not on the main menu.

  • Price Range: McDonald’s Birthday Cake is around $9
  • Local Variation: Prices can vary slightly depending on your location.

Mcdonald’s Birthday Cake 80s

There wasn’t a widely available McDonald’s Birthday Cake in the 80s like the Ronald McDonald cake we see today.

However, McDonald’s birthday parties were a much bigger deal in the 80s! They offered party packages that included decorations, invitations, and even a birthday cake.

These cakes were most likely sheet cakes, available in chocolate or vanilla frosting, with a generic birthday message or a simple McDonald’s logo.

Where To Buy Mcdonald’s Birthday Cake

McDonald’s Birthday Cakes, also known as Ronald Birthday Cakes, aren’t officially advertised and availability can vary by location.

  • Call your nearest McDonald’s: This is the most reliable way to check. Ask if they carry the Ronald Birthday Cake and inquire about its price.
  • Check online sources: There have been reports of McDonald’s Birthday Cakes being available year-round at most locations, but these are not guaranteed.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Even if a location generally carries them, they might be out of stock at any given time.
  • The price can vary slightly depending on your location.


  • If your local McDonald’s doesn’t have a birthday cake, consider these options:
    • Decorate some McDonald’s muffins or cookies with frosting and sprinkles for a birthday treat.
    • Order a custom cake from a bakery with a McDonald’s theme, featuring characters or menu items.

Can You Customize A Mcdonalds Birthday Cake

Unfortunately, you can’t customize a McDonald’s birthday cake in the traditional sense.

  • Pre-made and Packaged: The Ronald Birthday Cake, which is the only birthday cake option offered by McDonald’s, is a pre-made, single-serve dessert. It comes with a standard design featuring a white chocolate coating and an edible image of Ronald McDonald.
  • Limited Inventory: These cakes are not baked in-house at each location. They’re pre-packaged and delivered to McDonald’s restaurants, so customization isn’t an option.

Alternatives for a Personalized Touch:

Here are some ideas to add a personal touch to your McDonald’s birthday celebration:

  • Decorate around the Cake: While you can’t customize the cake itself, you can decorate the table or area where you serve it with balloons, streamers, or other birthday decorations that match the birthday person’s preferences.
  • Get Creative with Other Treats: McDonald’s offers a variety of treats like cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream sundaes. You can get creative and decorate these with sprinkles, chocolate sauce, or fruit to create a festive birthday spread.
  • Pair with a Homemade Dessert: If you’d like a custom cake, consider buying a pre-made cake from a bakery or making one at home. You can still serve it alongside some McDonald’s favorites for a unique birthday experience.
  • Personalize with Activities: Plan some fun activities for the birthday party that tie into the McDonald’s theme. You could play games related to McDonald’s characters or menu items.

Can I Order Mcdonalds Birthday Cake Online

Unfortunately, you cannot order a McDonald’s Birthday Cake online at this time.

  • Not Officially Advertised: McDonald’s Birthday Cakes aren’t a main menu item and their availability can vary by location.
  • Limited Inventory: These cakes are likely pre-made and delivered to restaurants, so online ordering wouldn’t be feasible.

However, there are still ways to secure your McDonald’s Birthday Cake:

  • Call your nearest McDonald’s: This is the most reliable option. Ask if they carry the Ronald Birthday Cake and inquire about availability and price.

Even if you can’t order online, a quick phone call can save you a trip and ensure they have the cake in stock for your birthday celebration.

Mcdonalds Birthday Cake Vs Grocery Store Cake

Here’s a breakdown of how McDonald’s Birthday Cake (also known as the Ronald Birthday Cake) compares to a grocery store cake:

McDonald’s Birthday Cake:


  • Convenience: Readily available at most McDonald’s locations (although you might need to call ahead to confirm).
  • Price: Budget-friendly option compared to custom cakes.
  • Festive Appeal: Fun for a McDonald’s themed birthday party, especially for kids.
  • Portion Size: Single-serve, perfect for small celebrations.


  • Limited Options: Only vanilla cake with white frosting and a Ronald McDonald image.
  • Taste: Reviews mention the cake can be dry and the frosting overly sweet.
  • Ingredients: May contain allergens like wheat, egg, milk, and soy. McDonald’s doesn’t disclose a full ingredient list.
  • Nutrition: Calorie count might be around 270-300 (unofficial estimates), but exact information can be difficult to find.

Grocery Store Cake:


  • Variety: Wide range of flavors, sizes, and decorations to choose from.
  • Freshness: Generally fresher than McDonald’s cake, with a variety of cake textures (sponge, pound cake, etc.).
  • Customization: Many grocery stores offer custom cakes with personalized messages or designs.
  • Ingredients: Ingredient lists are usually available, allowing you to check for allergens.
  • Nutrition: Nutritional information is typically displayed on the packaging.


  • Price: Generally more expensive than a McDonald’s Birthday Cake.
  • Planning: May require planning to order a custom cake.
  • Quality: Quality can vary depending on the grocery store and brand.


The McDonald’s Birthday Cake, also known as the Ronald Birthday Cake, offers a fun and convenient option for a small birthday celebration, especially for a child who loves McDonald’s.

It’s a budget-friendly choice with a festive design, but keep in mind the cake itself might be a bit dry and the frosting quite sweet.


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