Mcdonald’s Chicken Nuggets

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are a type of chicken nugget sold by the international fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s.

They consist of small, bite-sized pieces of chicken meat that have been battered and deep-fried.

The chicken meat in McNuggets is typically white meat chicken, such as chicken breast meat.

McNuggets were first introduced in select McDonald’s markets in 1983 and have since become one of the chain’s most popular menu items.

They are available in a variety of portion sizes and can be dipped in a variety of sauces, such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, and honey mustard.

Mcdonald's Chicken Nuggets

McNuggets and Meals Menu

McNuggets are bite-sized pieces of tender, juicy chicken that are coated in a crispy, golden breading.

They are a popular menu item at McDonald’s, known for their delicious flavor and convenient size.

McNuggets are perfect for dipping in your favorite sauces, such as BBQ, sweet and sour, or honey mustard.

Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are yummy and juicy chicken pieces you can dip in your favorite sauces.

They are made from white meat chicken, with no weird colors, flavors, or things to keep them fresh.

A 4-piece order has 170 calories. You can get them at a McDonald’s nearby or order through the app for pick-up at the drive-thru, or curbside, or use the mobile order and pay for contactless service.

Calories: 170

Nutritional Information

NutrientAmountAmount (Percent Daily Values)
Saturated Fat1.5g8% DV
Dietary Fiber0g1% DV
Calcium6mg0% DV
Trans Fat0g0% DV
Total Sugars0g0% DV
Added Sugars0g0% DV
Iron0.5mg2% DV
Cholesterol25mg9% DV
Vitamin D0mcg0% DV
Potassium140mg4% DV
Sodium330mg15% DV

Allergen Information

  • Chicken: This is the main part, made from white meat chicken with no bones.
  • Water: This helps keep the nuggets moist.
  • Oil: This is used for cooking the nuggets and makes them crispy. There are different kinds of oil mixed.
  • Flour: This is the base for the crunchy coating on the outside. It’s mostly wheat flour with some added vitamins and minerals.
  • Corn flour: This adds a bit of sweetness and crunch to the coating.
  • Starch: This helps make the coating crispy. It comes from different plants like corn, wheat, rice, and peas.
  • Salt: This adds flavor.
  • Leavening: This helps make the inside of the chicken nugget fluffy.
  • Spices: These add a yummy taste to the nugget.
  • Other: There are a few other small things like yeast extract (for savory flavor), lemon juice solids (for a bit of tang), and natural flavors (to enhance the taste).

10 Piece Chicken McNuggets

  • McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are made with delicious white meat chicken, with no weird colors, flavors, or things to keep them fresh.
  • A 10-piece order has 410 calories.
  • For a short time only, try them with a new dipping sauce! It’s called Savory Chili Sauce and it’s like something from another world (in a good way).
  • You can order them through the McDonald’s app and pick them up curbside.

Calories: 410

Nutritional Information

NutrientAmountAmount (Percent Daily Values)
Saturated Fat4g20% DV
Dietary Fiber1g4% DV
Calcium15mg2% DV
Trans Fat0g0% DV
Total Sugars0g0% DV
Added Sugars0g0% DV
Iron1mg6% DV
Cholesterol65mg21% DV
Vitamin D0mcg0% DV
Potassium360mg8% DV
Sodium850mg37% DV

Allergen Information

  • Chicken: It’s white meat chicken with no bones, like the good stuff from the chicken breast.
  • Water: This keeps the nuggets nice and moist.
  • Oil: Different types of oil are mixed to cook the nuggets and make them crispy on the outside.
  • Coating: This is the crunchy part on the outside. It’s made from wheat flour (like what you use for cookies!), corn flour (for a bit of sweetness), and some other things to help it hold its shape.
  • Flavor: There’s salt to make them taste good, spices for extra yum, and a few other tiny things to add a little more flavor. Wheat Warning! If you can’t eat wheat, be careful because the coating has wheat flour in it.


McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets are a popular and beloved menu item known for their crispy exterior and tender, juicy interior.

With their versatile dipping sauces and consistent quality, they have become a staple choice for many customers seeking a satisfying and convenient fast food option.

Whether enjoyed as a snack, part of a meal, or on their own, McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets continue to delight taste buds around the world with their delicious flavor and crunchy texture.


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